Contraception policies in the US are reactionary

BMJ 2012; 345 doi: (Published 30 November 2012)
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As on every Saturday, we have enjoyed reading the latest BMJ on the world controversy related to contraception and people’s sexual lives. It's a very interesting subject because it is concerned with personal, social and vital problems. It is related to individual and collective dignity. It touches on personal and social integrity. It is an intricate question, which radically, during the last century, has changed people's normal dynamics in all civilized countries.

During the last century researchers in human reproduction in the 1950s proposed controlling the population explosion by maintaining women on progesterone in a daily dose in a contraceptive pill. The main goal was to prevent fecundation by suppressing ovulation. At that time they never thought about the secondary effects of that procedure. Nobody spoke about the strong association between progesterone or steroid blood levels and hypokalaemia, immunodeficiency state, general hormonal misbalance of the body, changes in thyroid and cortical hormones, glycosuria, transferrin increase, alteration of blood dynamics, breast cancer… and so forth. At the end of the '60s and during the beginning of the '70s we were witnesses of a big change promoted by many health systems around the world. Because chemotherapy and radiotherapy were cost effective, very expensive for people who earn little money for their daily work, and government subsidized those treatments, we have passed from the era of promoting chemical contraception to a new act where mechanical and physical contraceptives are being promoted. Condoms and the intrauterine contraceptive device are now propagated for preventing conception as a new solution for controlling overpopulation.

The chemical strategy of using artificial birth control has caused many social problems. We are facing a new big social crisis, characterized by promotion, by unscrupulous people, of a wild sexual hedonism associated with uncontrolled use of several kinds of contraceptive methods. The social daily panorama in all Latin-American countries has radically changed; human sexual acts have varied according to the new conditions of people, times, and other circumstances. We are living in a new environment – the sexosphere characterized by the daily promotion of voluntary sexual intercourse between heterosexual partners or homosexual ones, the increase of promiscuous sexual behavior, sexism, adultery, frivolity, incest, polygamy, rape, suicide, neosexualism…etc. The situation in our countries has grown so complex that several urban social sex addicted groups, taking advantage of the fact that our government leaders don’t know about the normal course of people’s biological life and its intrinsic complicated laws, are urgently demanding legalization of their pathological behavior. The crisis is so big that we can say that we are living in a contraceptive civilization where children and in general all people are growing without a correct sexual education. As a logical consequence of that misinformation a sex addicted society is appearing with exploitation of sex in the media, especially on TV and Internet; a new society, where the main motive for living is a daily uncontrollable search for sexual pleasure.

We have to admit that there is a very real problem which will eventually threaten the well being of the entire human race. In order to prevent the worse it´s urgently needed to educate people in all aspects related to the true nature of sexual life. It’s necessary to give a great deal of attention to social sexual matters. People must know the essential information related to contraception. They must understand, accept or not, even correct what is bad and is socially given to them. Sexual education and instruction is a necessary issue in our contemporary society. It must be based upon the real meaning of the true nature of sexuality and respect for the others. People must understand that love is not only the sexual attraction between persons of the opposite sex. It is more.

Contraception policies in the US are not reactionary. They are the logical response of the experience lived in that country by political leaders after promoting all classes of contraception methods to three generations.

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Emilio Polo Ledezma, Ph.D. Proteolytic Enzymes – Nutrition. Teacher of Clinical Biochemistry.

Polo Rivera C. E. Medical Doctor of Surcolombiana University.

Faculty of Health - Surcolombiana University., Calle 9 * Carrera 14 Neiva – Huila – Colombia S.A.

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This article beggars whatever. The dogs on the street know that the pill isn't good for your health. Countries with burgeoning nursing home businesses know that old age is here and its getting bigger and going to cost a fortune. There are elderly everywhere in Europe and "not a child to be seen" .....and who will look after us when we get old? This is the issue and the contraceptive lobby are to blame. The drug companies, shortsighted medics and policy makers are leading a merry dance of infertile hoards to the nursing homes because there are and will be 1.2 or 1.22 children per couple to look after them. This is not scare tactics it is evidence all around us and we are the only mamals at it. The rest of mamalian nature is thriving and they haven't overpopulated the planet and have enough to eat. Contracepted countries are inverted pyramids at present with few young and increasing elderly (now living to 80 yrs plus) and they are increasingly dependent on foreign youth to prop up their economies with resulting problems for emigrants and also for the disappearing indigenous people. Give the contraceptive lobby another 25 years and countries that do not contracept will own the world.

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Eugene G Breen, Psychiatrist

Mater Misericordiae Hospital, Dublin.6, 62/63 Eccles St

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