Is Movember misleading men?

Re: Is Movember misleading men?

29 November 2012

Margaret McCartney correctly states that Movember is a substantial donor to organisations active in research into prostate cancer, including my own organisation, The Institute of Cancer Research, London. As a matter of record though, please allow me to correct the figure she gives for the size of Movember's current donation to the ICR.

Dr McCartney writes that Movember has donated the ICR £6.5m, but this number appears to derive from a misunderstanding of the information we provided to her. It's undoubtedly true that Movember fund us generously, but the amount we have received or have had pledged to us currently stands at about £1.5m, not £6.5m. We are planning to bid for a remaining £5m over five years to become a Movember Centre of Excellence, but this will be a competitive process and there is of course no guarantee that we will secure the funding.

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Richard P Hoey, Director of Communications

The Institute of Cancer Research, 123 Old Brompton Rd, SE7 3RP

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