How India can provide healthcare for all

Re: How India can provide healthcare for all

14 November 2012

Dr Dev Shetty has written vey poignantly on the need for universal health care (UHC). Whilst Dr Shetty is a cardiac surgeon doing complex heart surgeries and a gentlman to provide some feasible solution for UHC, the ground realities are rather different. A fair majority of our population suffer ill health due to high deprivation index (poor social determinants of health). Unless we make more efforts to improve sanitation and hygiene (more public health), housing and employment, education and health capability (awareness), any investment in UHC can mean only one thing: simply a cosmetic improvement with people caught up in a vicious cycle of povery and ill health. It's time we take pride by bringing more social equity.

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Mathew Jose Kozhuppakalam, Physician

None, Kozhuppakalam, Kottayam India

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