The re-election of US President Barack Obama

BMJ 2012; 345 doi: (Published 8 November 2012)
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We feel keen pleasure that the American people have elected for another presidential period one of the cleverest and most admired leaders – Mr. Barack Obama. He has a good combination of politics, moral seriousness, energy, animation, leadership and training.

Human beings are known to experience strong reactions to change. Sometimes, it´s very difficult to accept the loss in a political election or to recognize that the world has radically changed. For many years Republicans were powerful, but gradually their powers were reduced and those of Democrats built up until now, when Barack Obama was re-elected. From the beginning of this new millennium, we have been living in a time of vast social and political transformation. Republicans refuse to recognize that the Anglo–Saxon country of White society and Protestants has a new dynamic. Although they undoubtedly built this wonderful country, now there are millions of people who do not agree with their organizational desires and with several traditional features of the USA. Many people suffer constant distortions about the real value of those public figures. No one can doubt that they are very intelligent and prepared people. But their big problem is that common people cannot make the right connection between the goodness of their proposals and the sincerity of their intentions. The leaders of that political party have not realized that contemporary people are living in a media virtual world, in which public figures must make credible the messages they send. Republicans must understand that American society has changed and in order to be newly elected, in future elections, and to be the USA chief political power, they must change.

Never before, in the American history have we seen, as vice-presidential candidates, two Catholics. Also we never thought that American people would ever elect and reelect as president, the son of an African man and an American of Irish descent. Republicans never thought that Obama could enforce justice and order in the USA, and make that country stronger and more respected abroad than ever before. They envisioned a utopian society, in which all the responsibilities and obligations were under the responsibility of the State. They couldn’t understand that bread has to be earned with sweat and blood and kept wisely. Obama is organizing everything properly. He is searching the best means of bringing order, peace and justice in that powerful country. He will make the USA really efficient. His responses to the health sector were sound and thoughtful, with a good social balance for people.

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Emilio Polo Ledezma, Ph.D. Proteolytic Enzymes – Nutrition. Teacher of Clinical Biochemistry.

Polo Rivera C. E. Intern Medical Student at Surcolombiana University.

Faculty of Health - Surcolombiana University. PACA Research Group., Calle 9 and Carrera 14 - Neiva - Huila - Colombia S.A.

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I sit in a corner of a computer room in a remote corner of a continent away from home. I witness the electoral bonanza of US elections where two candidates fight to win an election in a country devoted to democracy. 270 electoral votes have re-instated the President Obama, a community organizer, an advocate, a Professor and a Noble Laureate. He is very bright and intelligent with an ongoing experience of carrying out polices to benefit the citizens of America including Obama Healthcare. It is reported to be beneficial to the middle class and elderly citizens.

But I wondered at the drama of election which came out with an obvious play of money, advertisements, endorsements and door to door canvassing - which no ordinary citizen can afford - so to be a candidate for election even his or her intentions are clear. What I mean is that individual's principles of governance or what one strongly believes in could not be carried out in a democratic way even in a country like the USA. Money, advertisements, slogans and verbal magic influence the mind of the voter to decide - what this election victory brings for him or her whether for health or social justice. The doctrine of life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness ingrained in the constitution lies at the feet of the statue of Abraham Lincoln who wanted democracy to be government by the people, for the people and ...........

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dhastagir s sheriff, Professor

Faculty of Medicine, Benghazi University, Benghazi, Libya

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