Re: Promoting cosmetic surgery

9 November 2012

What an excellent and timely debate!

Essentially though, why should those who provide cosmetic surgery services be prevented from advertising their wares?

Surely what's needed is much more stringent regulation of who provides such services - the institutions, and the doctors - and what safeguards they have in place so that clients are not deceived about complications and risks.

I'd be interested to know what arrangements the doctors who do nothing but cosmetic surgery will achieve revalidation without clear indicators of the quality of their work.

Revalidation should, if it is up to its job, weed out the charlatans who learned on the job without proper training in cosmetic surgery. It will be interesting to see if it is robust enough to do that; cosmetic surgery is arguably the clinical area which will test the revalidation system to its fullest extent.

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Keith C Judkins, Anaesthetist

Independent, East Ardsley, WF3 2LJ

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