Re: Perilunate dislocation

10 December 2012

I am sure that I will not be the only one to notice the quality of the image - Figure 1, in this article. It is a totally inadequate representation of the carpal tunnel and will do little to keep anatomy "alive" at a time that less and less attention is being paid to the subject.

The median nerve looks like a tendon and its branches totally unrealistic, the flexor tendons are arranged entirely wrongly, the median nerve seems to be "invading" the synovial sheaths which in turn are quite incorrectly drawn.

Just to give you some idea as to how the carpal tunnel should be represented, I attach two images. I fully appreciate that you wanted to keep the image simple but this is no reason to draw it so badly.

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Robert H Whitaker, Anatomist

University of Cambridge , Selwyn College, Cambridge CB3 9DQ

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