01 December 2012 (Vol 345, Issue 7885)

Editor's Choice

This week's Editor's Choice section

Some things to worry about

BMJ 2012;345:e8125 (Published 28 November 2012)


This week's News section

Deaths from elective repair of abdominal aortic aneurysm fall to new low

BMJ 2012;345:e8066 (Published 27 November 2012)

Lobbyists’ document shows close working between private sector and government over health bill

BMJ 2012;345:e8111 (Published 27 November 2012)

GPs’ pleas for their conflict of interests to be treated with leniency are rejected by commissioning board

BMJ 2012;345:e7967 (Published 22 November 2012)

Controversial mental health program closes down

BMJ 2012;345:e8100 (Published 27 November 2012)

Hospital found to be in breach of terms of authorisation after four serious surgical errors

BMJ 2012;345:e8048 (Published 26 November 2012)

Countries that use large amounts of high fructose corn syrup have higher rates of type 2 diabetes

BMJ 2012;345:e7994 (Published 27 November 2012)

In brief

BMJ 2012;345:e8083 (Published 27 November 2012)

Cochrane group rejects Roche’s offer of “advisory board” to discuss analysis of oseltamivir data

BMJ 2012;345:e8072 (Published 26 November 2012)

Europe’s drug agency will publish clinical trial data for new products from 2014

BMJ 2012;345:e8061 (Published 26 November 2012)

UK must improve its recruitment rate in clinical trials, report says

BMJ 2012;345:e8104 (Published 28 November 2012)

Get basics right to improve acute kidney injury, says consensus conference

BMJ 2012;345:e7946 (Published 21 November 2012)

“Citizens’ jury” disagrees over whether screening leaflet should put reassurance before accuracy

BMJ 2012;345:e8047 (Published 26 November 2012)

NHS is doing well, but financial squeeze poses serious risks, King’s Fund says

BMJ 2012;345:e8106 (Published 27 November 2012)


This week's Editorials section

The UK’s Research Excellence Framework 2014

BMJ 2012;345:e7797 (Published 21 November 2012)

Ensuring the health of future populations

BMJ 2012;345:e7573 (Published 12 November 2012)

Annual health checks for people with intellectual disabilities

BMJ 2012;345:e7589 (Published 15 November 2012)

Metal-on-metal hip prostheses: where are we now?

BMJ 2012;345:e7792 (Published 16 November 2012)



This week's Feature section

How the new guardians of public health are investing heavily in tobacco companies

BMJ 2012;345:e8023 (Published 28 November 2012)

Greek economic crisis: not a tragedy for health

BMJ 2012;345:e7988 (Published 27 November 2012)


This week's Analysis section

Dealing with mental disorder in prisoners

BMJ 2012;345:e7280 (Published 22 November 2012)


This week's Letters section

Research paper does not show causal link between benzodiazepine use and diagnosis of dementia

BMJ 2012;345:e7984 (Published 26 November 2012)

Research paper most likely shows that benzodiazepines are used to treat early symptoms of dementia

BMJ 2012;345:e7986 (Published 26 November 2012)

Authors’ reply to Coyle-Gilchrist and colleagues and Bocti and colleagues

BMJ 2012;345:e7993 (Published 26 November 2012)

We need access to data on all clinical trials, not just some

BMJ 2012;345:e8001 (Published 26 November 2012)

A revolution in drug approval practices is required

BMJ 2012;345:e8002 (Published 26 November 2012)

Additional requirements for complex interventions

BMJ 2012;345:e8003 (Published 26 November 2012)

Introducing the HRA’s new system

BMJ 2012;345:e8005 (Published 26 November 2012)

GMC guidance on neonatal palliative care

BMJ 2012;345:e8000 (Published 26 November 2012)

Discussion on banning advertising of cosmetic surgery needs to consider medical tourists

BMJ 2012;345:e7997 (Published 26 November 2012)

Non-surgical invasive procedures such as dermal fillers should also be regulated

BMJ 2012;345:e7996 (Published 26 November 2012)

Gamal Serour of the International Federation of Gynecology and Obstetrics (FIGO) replies to Fiona Godlee

BMJ 2012;345:e7965 (Published 26 November 2012)


This week's Observations section

Is Movember misleading men?

Margaret McCartney

BMJ 2012;345:e8046 (Published 28 November 2012)

Views & Reviews

This week's Views & Reviews section

Universal parenting classes won’t help conduct disorders

Des Spence

BMJ 2012;345:e7977 (Published 23 November 2012)

Revalidation: a missed opportunity

Kinesh Patel

BMJ 2012;345:e7918 (Published 23 November 2012)

We need better ways to create new hypotheses and select those to test

Frank Davidoff

BMJ 2012;345:e7991 (Published 27 November 2012)

The Hippocrates Prize

Theodore Dalrymple

BMJ 2012;345:e7923 (Published 26 November 2012)

On the Edge of the Primeval Forest

Kate Robertson

BMJ 2012;345:e7930 (Published 26 November 2012)


This week's Obituaries section

S Ward Casscells III

BMJ 2012;345:e7842 (Published 20 November 2012)

Nancy Gibson

BMJ 2012;345:e7647 (Published 29 November 2012)

Janet Henderson

BMJ 2012;345:e7650 (Published 28 November 2012)

Alan W Johnston

BMJ 2012;345:e7672 (Published 28 November 2012)

Ian A Mackie

BMJ 2012;345:e7470 (Published 28 November 2012)

Arthur Wynn Tremenheere McDowall

BMJ 2012;345:e7651 (Published 28 November 2012)

Obituaries - continued

John Eric Somerville Scott

BMJ 2012;345:e7098 (Published 28 November 2012)

Clinical Review

This week's Clinical Review section

Generalized anxiety disorder: diagnosis and treatment

BMJ 2012;345:e7500 (Published 27 November 2012)


This week's Practice section

Uncertainties Page: Does mindfulness based cognitive therapy prevent relapse of depression?

BMJ 2012;345:e7194 (Published 9 November 2012)

Easily Missed?: Perilunate dislocation

BMJ 2012;345:e7026 (Published 6 November 2012)


This week's Endgames section

Magnetic resonance imaging of the sagittal structures in the brain

BMJ 2012;345:e5269 (Published 8 August 2012)

Multiple enlarging nodules on the lower limb

BMJ 2012;345:e7409 (Published 15 November 2012)

Confounding in clinical trials

BMJ 2012;345:e7951 (Published 23 November 2012)

The management of open tibial shaft fractures

BMJ 2012;345:e6348 (Published 28 September 2012)


This week's Minerva section


BMJ 2012;345:e7850 (Published 28 November 2012)


BMJ 2012;345:e7849 (Published 28 November 2012)

Research News

This week's Research News section

Endovascular or open repair for abdominal aortic aneurysm?

BMJ 2012;345:e8028 (Published 28 November 2012)

Atrial fibrillation linked to sudden cardiac death

BMJ 2012;345:e8029 (Published 28 November 2012)

Prediction tools for kidney disease aren’t mature enough for clinical use

BMJ 2012;345:e8031 (Published 28 November 2012)

Dismal forecast for preterm births

BMJ 2012;345:e8014 (Published 27 November 2012)

No need to add testosterone to sildenafil

BMJ 2012;345:e8016 (Published 27 November 2012)

Immunity wanes after vaccination against whooping cough

BMJ 2012;345:e8027 (Published 28 November 2012)

Evidence for and against aldosterone antagonists in heart failure

BMJ 2012;345:e8024 (Published 27 November 2012)

Research Methods & Reporting

This week's Research Methods & Reporting section

Uncertainties in baseline risk estimates and confidence in treatment effects

BMJ 2012;345:e7401 (Published 14 November 2012)


The human face of improbabilities

BMJ 2012;344:d7353 (Published 8 June 2012)