Influence of definition based versus pragmatic birth registration on international comparisons of perinatal and infant mortality: population based retrospective study

Saving the babies of lower birth weights and gestational ages is an index of better neonatal services

19 February 2012

Perinatal mortality (still births + Early neonatal deaths (till 7 days of birth))and Neonatal mortality (0-27 days) are indices of maternal and child health care services of a country, region, state etc.. Perinatal mortality and neonatal deaths depend on high risk factors in mother and baby which in turn can be taken care of by good maternal and neonatal care. Excluding the very low birth weights and gestational ages will also exclude the effect of intensive care given to the mother and child, so it will not be a sensitive index of care given which is an index of development.

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Neeru Gupta, Scientist E

KK Jani and Jugal Kishore

Indian Council of Medical Reserch, V. Ramalingaswamy Bhawan, Ansari Nagar, New Delhi-110029

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