Vaccination against pandemic A/H1N1 2009 influenza in pregnancy and risk of fetal death: cohort study in Denmark

Re: Desire to compute fetal death rate independent of exposure..

23 January 2013

Thank you for explaining your viewpoint on how this data should be treated.

Based upon your statement, please provide a table of the Gestational Week,
ranging from 0 to 43 weeks, then a column of vaccinated and unvaccinated
showing the total number of pregnancies and fetal loses for each group
(vaccinated and unvaccinated).

What I and others are interested in are the outcomes regardless of the
approximate exposure. Why is it that the number of women who get the vaccine will increase as the fetus gets older in age, since women are getting pregnant at all times during the influenza season? Although not reported in the paper, I am interested also in the data mentioned above that was gathered for the 1st trimester.

If you are unable to provide the requested data, please let me know.

Competing interests: None declared

Gary S. Goldman, Computer Science

Independent, P.O. Box 847, Pearblossom, CA 93553

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