Malcolm John Aylett

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  1. Malcolm John Aylett

A committed generalist from his undergraduate days, Malcolm John Aylett served in the army in Hong Kong, attached to the Royal Artillery, then with Shell in Sumatra, followed by a rural idyll with the Tanzanian government, living among the game parks. He settled into family practice in Wiltshire, where he set up projects on spina bifida and breast feeding and introduced peer review into local obstetric practice.1 2 3

But, dismayed at the professions’ retreat from continuing personal care,4 5 from choice in place of birth and of death, and at the increasing industrialisation of medicine, he took on a small single handed practice in the heart of Northumberland’s Cheviot hills. Finding a total absence of practice records, he developed a new system and later became the first practice in the county to have its records fully computerised.6 With his local medical committee, he developed rubella immunity recording.7

He was appointed the health authority’s computer facilitator, travelling throughout the region and helping practices to reorganise their records (see list of publications). In a popular training practice, a succession of registrars learnt the real meaning of continuing care and where, 35 miles from the nearest district hospital, reliance on a wide range of basic clinical skills was obligatory. Involved in research for most of his career, his later years in practice were combined with a part time research fellowship at Newcastle’s medical school, when he published widely on the community management of hypertension and blood pressure measurement (see list of publications).

List of publications on computerised practice records

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List of publications on community management of hypertension and blood pressure measurement

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Having attained his MD thesis in his 65th year, he retired into an active village life. He had an increasing interest in prehistory at that time and, as one of the founders of a local archaeological society, which he chaired for some years, he further published his researches in this direction. He happily retired to Bath where he became immersed in more local history and was in close contact with old friends and family. His wife died in 2006, and he leaves four children.


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  • General practitioner (b 1932; q Westminster 1955; LRCP, MRCS, D(Obst)RCOG, MD, FRCGP), d 14 January 2012.


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