Re: Reasons for striking off paediatric gastroenterologist may have been “inadequate,” GMC admits

20 February 2012

When the GMC brought in its findings on 28 January 2010 against the three doctors Sarah Boseley wrote in the Guardian [1]:

"Opinion is divided in the medical establishment on the wisdom of pursuing Wakefield – and particularly his colleagues who played a lesser role in the drama – at the GMC. Some say there was a clear case to answer and that the GMC had no other option but others believe that no good can come of it."

So, why in all these years has no journalist been prepared to tell us what exactly it was the "medical establishment" were worried about? Why have the public been kept in the dark?

[1] Sarah Boseley, 'From the Lancet to the GMC: How Dr Andrew Wakefield fell from grace" Guardian 28 January 2010,

Competing interests: Son was a patient of Prof Walker-Smith

John Stone, UK Editor, London N22

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