21 April 2012 (Vol 344, Issue 7853)

Editor's Choice

This week's Editor's Choice section

Don’t beam me up just yet

BMJ 2012;344:e2805 (Published 19 April 2012)


This week's News section

Lack of warnings over flu may have led to more deaths in year after pandemic, say experts

BMJ 2012;344:e2811 (Published 17 April 2012)

Landmark study classifies breast cancer into 10 genetic types

BMJ 2012;344:e2829 (Published 18 April 2012)

Lung cancer teams pair up to review care processes and improve outcomes

BMJ 2012;344:e2770 (Published 17 April 2012)

Special support is offered to dementia sufferers in Scotland

BMJ 2012;344:e2687 (Published 12 April 2012)

Cancer treatment in US costs more than in Europe but has better outcomes, study says

BMJ 2012;344:e2766 (Published 17 April 2012)

6000 patients are left in limbo as private company fails to record radiograph results

BMJ 2012;344:e2713 (Published 13 April 2012)

Medical colleges and faculties unite to tackle obesity after “failure” of current strategies

BMJ 2012;344:e2775 (Published 17 April 2012)

In brief

BMJ 2012;344:e2776 (Published 17 April 2012)

Care of IBD patients compromised by poor communication between primary and secondary care

BMJ 2012;344:e2675 (Published 12 April 2012)

US tops salty fast food league table

BMJ 2012;344:e2769 (Published 17 April 2012)

Records study finds no clear clinical benefit from proton therapy for prostate cancer

BMJ 2012;344:e2767 (Published 17 April 2012)

Study on metal-on-metal hip implants was halted a year before UK regulator banned their use

BMJ 2012;344:e2698 (Published 13 April 2012)

Doctors’ preference for branded version of cholesterol drug costs US healthcare system $700m a year, study shows

BMJ 2012;344:e2736 (Published 16 April 2012)

US judge fines Johnson & Johnson $1.1bn for misleading marketing of risperidone

BMJ 2012;344:e2772 (Published 16 April 2012)


This week's Editorials section

Drug policy debate is needed

BMJ 2012;344:e2381 (Published 2 April 2012)

Reducing neonatal mortality in resource poor settings

BMJ 2012;344:e2197 (Published 21 March 2012)

Managed clinical networks in neonatal care

BMJ 2012;344:e2423 (Published 3 April 2012)

Commercial funding of accredited continuing medical education

BMJ 2012;344:e810 (Published 16 February 2012)

Choosing a second generation antidepressant for treatment of major depressive disorder

BMJ 2012;344:e1014 (Published 14 February 2012)

Wind turbine noise

BMJ 2012;344:e1527 (Published 8 March 2012)


Research - continued


This week's Feature section

Is spending on proton beam therapy for cancer going too far, too fast?

BMJ 2012;344:e2488 (Published 17 April 2012)

Drinking nation: have we had enough?

BMJ 2012;344:e2634 (Published 17 April 2012)

Clinical commissioning teams: pathfinders in shaping local health services

BMJ 2012;344:e2678 (Published 13 April 2012)


This week's Analysis section

Colombia’s response to healthcare crisis

BMJ 2012;344:e802 (Published 23 February 2012)


This week's Letters section

Allergy risk from Royal Mint’s new nickel plated steel coins should be publicly assessed

BMJ 2012;344:e2730 (Published 19 April 2012)

Taking dementia seriously

BMJ 2012;344:e2745 (Published 18 April 2012)

Investing in new services is key

BMJ 2012;344:e2746 (Published 18 April 2012)

What are the benefits of an early diagnosis?

BMJ 2012;344:e2747 (Published 18 April 2012)

How will minimum unit price for alcohol be enforced?

BMJ 2012;344:e2722 (Published 18 April 2012)

Fortify minimum alcohol prices with excise tax

BMJ 2012;344:e2723 (Published 18 April 2012)

Invite all donors to participate in follow-up studies

BMJ 2012;344:e2724 (Published 18 April 2012)

Living donor registries are needed

BMJ 2012;344:e2727 (Published 18 April 2012)

Healthcare professionals more knowledgeable about female genital mutilation but still some way to go

BMJ 2012;344:e2744 (Published 18 April 2012)

What is the objective of personal healthcare budgets?

BMJ 2012;344:e2732 (Published 18 April 2012)

For how much longer will we tolerate commercial screening?

BMJ 2012;344:e2729 (Published 18 April 2012)

Most Pinnacle cup implants have polyethylene or ceramic bearings

BMJ 2012;344:e2485 (Published 18 April 2012)

Routine monitoring of outcomes is needed

BMJ 2012;344:e2731 (Published 18 April 2012)

Don’t ignore Coptic popes

BMJ 2012;344:e2742 (Published 19 April 2012)


This week's Observations section

In memoriam

Iona Heath

BMJ 2012;344:e2725 (Published 18 April 2012)

Streptococcus B in pregnancy: to screen or not to screen?

Margaret McCartney

BMJ 2012;344:e2803 (Published 18 April 2012)

Views & Reviews

This week's Views & Reviews section

Bad medicine: health promotion

Des Spence

BMJ 2012;344:e2755 (Published 17 April 2012)

Good doctors being bad

Liam Farrell

BMJ 2012;344:e2705 (Published 18 April 2012)

Guidelines can harm patients too

Grant Hutchison

BMJ 2012;344:e2685 (Published 18 April 2012)

Dictators and their doctors

Theodore Dalrymple

BMJ 2012;344:e2700 (Published 17 April 2012)

The Rise and Fall of Modern Medicine

Michael Fitzpatrick

BMJ 2012;344:e2684 (Published 17 April 2012)


This week's Obituaries section

Nigel Rusted

BMJ 2012;344:e2810 (Published 18 April 2012)

Edwina Elsie Green

BMJ 2012;344:e2064 (Published 27 March 2012)

Gawin J S Herdman

BMJ 2012;344:e2067 (Published 27 March 2012)

Helen Clare Kelsey

BMJ 2012;344:e2069 (Published 27 March 2012)

Geoffrey Nixon Morris

BMJ 2012;344:e1433 (Published 19 April 2012)

Constance A C Ross

BMJ 2012;344:e2303 (Published 27 March 2012)

Andrew Dennis Smalley

BMJ 2012;344:e2062 (Published 27 March 2012)

Clinical Review

This week's Clinical Review section

The management of overactive bladder syndrome

BMJ 2012;344:e2365 (Published 17 April 2012)


This week's Practice section

Rational Testing: Interpreting and investigating proteinuria

BMJ 2012;344:e2339 (Published 5 April 2012)

A Patient’s Journey: Superficial spreading melanoma

BMJ 2012;344:e2319 (Published 11 April 2012)


This week's Endgames section

A sore red eye with systemic involvement

BMJ 2012;344:e1121 (Published 24 February 2012)

The healthy entrant effect

BMJ 2012;344:e2728 (Published 18 April 2012)

A 90 year old man with difficulty swallowing and proximal muscle weakness

BMJ 2012;344:e461 (Published 4 April 2012)


This week's Minerva section


BMJ 2012;344:e2693 (Published 18 April 2012)


BMJ 2012;344:e2692 (Published 18 April 2012)

Research News

This week's Research News section

All you need to read in the other general journals

BMJ 2012;344:e2750 (Published 18 April 2012)