07 January 2012 (Vol 344, Issue 7838)

Editor's Choice

This week's Editor's Choice section

Research misconduct is widespread and harms patients

BMJ 2012;344:e14 (Published 5 January 2012)


This week's News section

MPs are urged to end inaction on social care reform

BMJ 2012;344:e12 (Published 3 January 2012)

NHS hospitals will be able to raise up to half their income from private patients

BMJ 2011;343:d8338 (Published 29 December 2011)

UK launches inquiry into safety of PIP breast implants

BMJ 2012;344:e11 (Published 3 January 2012)

Use of community treatment orders for mental health patients rises 29% in a year

BMJ 2011;343:d8346 (Published 30 December 2011)

Individual managers are liable for record discrimination award as well as trust

BMJ 2012;344:d8293 (Published 5 January 2012)

One in four hospital patients should be cared for out of hospital

BMJ 2011;343:d8336 (Published 29 December 2011)

Integrated care should be NHS priority, say think tanks

BMJ 2012;344:d8344 (Published 4 January 2012)

In brief

BMJ 2012;344:e2 (Published 4 January 2012)

Boehringer promoted off-label drug to patients, finds watchdog

BMJ 2011;343:d8251 (Published 21 December 2011)

US healthcare executives hit pay jackpot

BMJ 2011;343:d8330 (Published 29 December 2011)

Minimum safe staffing levels may be set for emergency departments and elderly care wards

BMJ 2012;344:d8353 (Published 3 January 2012)

Lobby groups call for closure of “revolving door” between drug regulators and industry

BMJ 2011;343:d8335 (Published 30 December 2011)

MSF reconsiders Somali operations after fatal attack

BMJ 2012;344:e19 (Published 4 January 2012)

Hanover bans e-cigarette use in civic offices amid calls for better safety data

BMJ 2012;344:e3 (Published 3 January 2012)


This week's Editorials section

Missing clinical trial data

BMJ 2012;344:d8158 (Published 3 January 2012)

Research misconduct in the UK

BMJ 2012;344:d8357 (Published 4 January 2012)

The NHS in England in 2012

BMJ 2011;343:d8259 (Published 21 December 2011)

Short Cuts

This week's Short Cuts section

All you need to read in the other general journals

BMJ 2012;344:d8345 (Published 4 January 2012)


Research - continued


This week's Feature section

Managing research misconduct: is anyone getting it right?

BMJ 2011;343:d8212 (Published 29 December 2011)


This week's Analysis section

Twenty criteria to make the best of scarce health resources in developing countries

BMJ 2011;343:d7023 (Published 25 November 2011)


This week's Letters section

We need a moratorium on further reductions in psychiatric beds till we debate an action plan

BMJ 2012;344:d8167 (Published 4 January 2012)

Listen to patients and clinicians before cutting more psychiatric beds

BMJ 2012;344:d8123 (Published 4 January 2012)

Shift resources and focus from psychiatric beds to the community

BMJ 2012;344:d8117 (Published 4 January 2012)

Dismissing patients’ past healthcare cost seems premature

BMJ 2012;344:d8174 (Published 4 January 2012)

Use of national tariff makes formula inaccurate

BMJ 2012;344:d8175 (Published 4 January 2012)

Authors’ reply to Beerstecher and Peake and colleagues

BMJ 2012;344:d8184 (Published 4 January 2012)

NHS should adopt effective private company policies

BMJ 2012;344:d8217 (Published 4 January 2012)

Debate on altruistic kidney donation was too simplistic

BMJ 2012;344:d8229 (Published 4 January 2012)

What about age related decline in renal function?

BMJ 2012;344:d7916 (Published 4 January 2012)

Test for HIV and syphilis too in suspected early dementia

BMJ 2012;344:d8213 (Published 4 January 2012)

Are limited opening times really to blame for men’s underuse of healthcare services?

BMJ 2012;344:d8214 (Published 4 January 2012)

Let us avoid Pascal’s two excesses in quest for secularism’s medical voice

BMJ 2012;344:d8225 (Published 4 January 2012)

Simply changing the rules on sick notes hasn’t worked before

BMJ 2012;344:d8215 (Published 4 January 2012)

Allowing juniors to train in one hospital would greatly reduce car use

BMJ 2012;344:d8216 (Published 4 January 2012)


This week's Observations section

Forget sponsorship and free trips—welcome to Pharmacare

Ray Moynihan

BMJ 2012;344:d8316 (Published 4 January 2012)

Investigating beneficial drug reactions

Jim Parle, Nick Ross, June Jones

BMJ 2012;344:d8337 (Published 4 January 2012)

The Sugar Bureau

Jane Cassidy

BMJ 2012;344:d8315 (Published 4 January 2012)

Views & Reviews

This week's Views & Reviews section

Lessons from America

Des Spence

BMJ 2012;344:d8352 (Published 4 January 2012)

The feminisation of nature

Trisha Greenhalgh

BMJ 2011;343:d8348 (Published 30 December 2011)

Follow surgical checklists and take time out, especially in a crisis

D N Hunter, S J Finney

BMJ 2011;343:d8194 (Published 30 December 2011)

The stare of death

Jonathan Kaplan

BMJ 2012;344:d8283 (Published 4 January 2012)

Hospitals from another time

Theodore Dalrymple

BMJ 2012;344:d8349 (Published 4 January 2012)

War on Disease: a History of the Lister Institute

Jonathan Chick

BMJ 2011;343:d8209 (Published 30 December 2011)


This week's Obituaries section


BMJ 2011;343:d8343 (Published 30 December 2011)

Clinical Review

This week's Clinical Review section

Laparoscopic colorectal surgery

BMJ 2011;343:d8029 (Published 29 December 2011)


This week's Practice section

Uncertainties Page: What is the most effective way to maintain weight loss in adults?

BMJ 2011;343:d8042 (Published 28 December 2011)

A Patient’s Journey: Gambling addiction

BMJ 2011;343:d7789 (Published 30 December 2011)


This week's Endgames section

An incidental finding in a preoperative chest radiograph

BMJ 2011;343:d6943 (Published 3 November 2011)

The Hawthorne effect

BMJ 2012;344:d8262 (Published 4 January 2012)

A man with deteriorating ability to live independently

BMJ 2011;343:d7463 (Published 24 November 2011)


This week's Minerva section


BMJ 2012;344:d8206 (Published 4 January 2012)


BMJ 2012;344:d8210 (Published 4 January 2012)

Research Methods & Reporting