02 July 2011 (Vol 343, Issue 7813)

Editor's Choice

This week's Editor's Choice section

Fighting for the NHS, and research integrity

BMJ 2011;342:d4129 (Published 29 June 2011)


This week's News section

Seriously injured patients may suffer under new rules on litigation, MPs say

BMJ 2011;342:d4099 (Published 28 June 2011)

BMA meeting: BMA refuses to reject health bill “in its entirety”

BMJ 2011;342:d4126 (Published 29 June 2011)

In brief

BMJ 2011;342:d4084 (Published 28 June 2011)

Foundation trusts still struggle to hit cancer treatment targets, finds Monitor

BMJ 2011;342:d4056 (Published 27 June 2011)

GMC guidance puts duty on doctors to try to prevent child abuse

BMJ 2011;342:d4107 (Published 28 June 2011)

Anticholinergic effects of common drugs are associated with increased mortality in over 65s

BMJ 2011;342:d4037 (Published 28 June 2011)

Social enterprises need to prove value for money, says public spending watchdog

BMJ 2011;342:d4077 (Published 27 June 2011)

Alberta University medical dean resigns after students detect plagiarism in his speech

BMJ 2011;342:d4038 (Published 27 June 2011)

French guidelines are withdrawn after court finds potential bias among authors

BMJ 2011;342:d4007 (Published 24 June 2011)

Big Pharma would like to befriend you

BMJ 2011;342:d4075 (Published 28 June 2011)

Protests mount to cuts in translation services in the Netherlands

BMJ 2011;342:d4049 (Published 27 June 2011)

Spain bans sale of unhealthy food in schools in bid to tackle obesity

BMJ 2011;342:d4073 (Published 28 June 2011)

American Medical Association backs health reform despite challenges from some members

BMJ 2011;342:d4060 (Published 27 June 2011)

High prevalence of HIV and hepatitis B and C is found among injecting drug users

BMJ 2011;342:d4078 (Published 28 June 2011)

European drug agency extends review of safety of pioglitazone

BMJ 2011;342:d4105 (Published 29 June 2011)

Fat babies are not healthy, says new report on preventing obesity

BMJ 2011;342:d4074 (Published 28 June 2011)


This week's Editorials section

Bury the bill

BMJ 2011;342:d4050 (Published 26 June 2011)

Prevention of falls through podiatry care

BMJ 2011;342:d3052 (Published 16 June 2011)

What would happen to health inequalities if smoking were eliminated?

BMJ 2011;342:d3460 (Published 28 June 2011)

Why do some ex-armed forces personnel end up in prison?

BMJ 2011;342:d3898 (Published 23 June 2011)

Axillary dissection in women with sentinel node metastasis

BMJ 2011;342:d2510 (Published 16 May 2011)

Short Cuts

This week's Short Cuts section

All you need to read in the other general journals

BMJ 2011;342:d4015 (Published 29 June 2011)



This week's Feature section

NHS rethink: charade or cause for new hope?

BMJ 2011;342:d3995 (Published 28 June 2011)

The fraud squad

BMJ 2011;342:d4017 (Published 28 June 2011)

Commentary: Skilled forensic capacity needed to investigate allegations of research misconduct

BMJ 2011;342:d3977 (Published 28 June 2011)


This week's Analysis section

Why system inertia makes health reform so difficult

BMJ 2011;342:d3693 (Published 23 June 2011)


This week's Letters section

Ethics should trump science in Fukushima

BMJ 2011;342:d3853 (Published 28 June 2011)

Initiative in anaesthesia

BMJ 2011;342:d3849 (Published 28 June 2011)

Has child protection become a form of madness? Yes and No

BMJ 2011;342:d3858 (Published 28 June 2011)

Impact of contracting out care

BMJ 2011;342:d3971 (Published 28 June 2011)

Let’s look at system failure

BMJ 2011;342:d3970 (Published 28 June 2011)

Let’s think operationally

BMJ 2011;342:d3976 (Published 28 June 2011)

Institute of Medicine responds

BMJ 2011;342:d4046 (Published 28 June 2011)

Good medical practice

BMJ 2011;342:d3949 (Published 28 June 2011)

Beyond the valley of the dolls?

BMJ 2011;342:d3953 (Published 28 June 2011)

What would the number needed to examine be?

BMJ 2011;342:d3992 (Published 28 June 2011)

Author’s reply

BMJ 2011;342:d3960 (Published 28 June 2011)

Kenneth Taylor responds to Des Spence

BMJ 2011;342:d3957 (Published 28 June 2011)

Views & Reviews

This week's Views & Reviews section

We should publish the cost of each piece of research

Penelope Hawe

BMJ 2011;342:d4026 (Published 29 June 2011)

Growth without greed

Richard Smith

BMJ 2011;342:d3998 (Published 29 June 2011)

Views & Reviews - continued

Saved by tuberculosis

Theodore Dalrymple

BMJ 2011;342:d3982 (Published 29 June 2011)

Doctor Zhivago

Andrew Moscrop

BMJ 2011;342:d3993 (Published 29 June 2011)

The error of our ways

Des Spence

BMJ 2011;342:d4082 (Published 29 June 2011)

Death of the silent witness: patients’ reporting of adverse drug reactions

Ike Iheanacho

BMJ 2011;342:d4042 (Published 29 June 2011)


This week's Obituaries section

Jack Kevorkian

BMJ 2011;342:d4100 (Published 29 June 2011)

Michael John Absolon

BMJ 2011;342:d4069 (Published 28 June 2011)

Ian Macdiarmid Brown

BMJ 2011;342:d4072 (Published 28 June 2011)

Frank Turner Crossling

BMJ 2011;342:d4071 (Published 28 June 2011)

Rehemat Curmally

BMJ 2011;342:d4070 (Published 28 June 2011)

Peter Graham

BMJ 2011;342:d4068 (Published 28 June 2011)

William Mackintosh Mackean

BMJ 2011;342:d3874 (Published 21 June 2011)

Theodore Stafford Maw

BMJ 2011;342:d4067 (Published 28 June 2011)

Clinical Review

This week's Clinical Review section

Clinical management of stuttering in children and adults

BMJ 2011;342:d3742 (Published 24 June 2011)


This week's Practice section

Rational Testing: Postural hypotension

BMJ 2011;342:d3128 (Published 16 June 2011)

10-Minute Consultation: Chronic chilblains

BMJ 2011;342:d2708 (Published 7 June 2011)


This week's Endgames section

A woman with episodic headaches, sweating, and palpitations

BMJ 2011;342:d2977 (Published 29 June 2011)

Screening tests: likelihood ratios

BMJ 2011;342:d3986 (Published 29 June 2011)

Jaundiced after a party

BMJ 2011;342:d3441 (Published 29 June 2011)


This week's Minerva section


BMJ 2011;342:d4024 (Published 29 June 2011)


BMJ 2011;342:d4008 (Published 29 June 2011)