29 May 2010 (Vol 340, Issue 7757)

Editor's Choice

This week's Editor's Choice section

The iPad cometh

BMJ 2010;340:c2835 (Published 26 May 2010)


This week's News section

Queen’s speech presages independent board for the NHS

BMJ 2010;340:c2822 (Published 25 May 2010)

Wakefield is struck off for the “serious and wide-ranging findings against him”

BMJ 2010;340:c2803 (Published 24 May 2010)

New £800 000 study sets out to discover what goes wrong in motor neurone disease

BMJ 2010;340:c2761 (Published 24 May 2010)

Scientists report first self replicating bacteria with synthetic genome

BMJ 2010;340:c2796 (Published 25 May 2010)

Swine flu pandemic review panel seeks access to confidential documents between WHO and drug companies

BMJ 2010;340:c2792 (Published 25 May 2010)

Former Roche employee questions marketing of oseltamivir to businesses

BMJ 2010;340:c2805 (Published 25 May 2010)

Pan-European organ transplant scheme promises to cut waiting times

BMJ 2010;340:c2785 (Published 24 May 2010)

Regulations on medical research need to be reinterpreted not rewritten

BMJ 2010;340:c2732 (Published 24 May 2010)

Medicalisation costs $77 billion in US, study says

BMJ 2010;340:c2779 (Published 27 May 2010)

FDA advisers to assess drug for low sexual desire in women

BMJ 2010;340:c2786 (Published 25 May 2010)


BMJ 2010;340:c2745 (Published 24 May 2010)

WHO agrees new code on ethical recruitment of international health personnel

BMJ 2010;340:c2784 (Published 25 May 2010)

Government promises new money for cancer drugs after NICE rejects liver cancer treatment

BMJ 2010;340:c2832 (Published 26 May 2010)

Campaign is launched to reduce number of babies born with HIV

BMJ 2010;340:c2780 (Published 25 May 2010)


This week's Editorials section

Reduced serum vitamin B-12 in patients taking metformin

BMJ 2010;340:c2198 (Published 20 May 2010)

Diagnosing diabetes using glycated haemoglobin A1c

BMJ 2010;340:c2262 (Published 17 May 2010)

HIV transmission in serodiscordant heterosexual couples

BMJ 2010;340:c2449 (Published 26 May 2010)

Wellbeing in the workplace

BMJ 2010;340:c1743 (Published 6 April 2010)

Acupuncture transmitted infections

BMJ 2010;340:c1268 (Published 18 March 2010)

Short Cuts

This week's Short Cuts section

All you need to read in the other general journals

BMJ 2010;340:c2740 (Published 26 May 2010)


Research - continued


This week's Feature section

How homophobia is fuelling Africa’s HIV epidemic

BMJ 2010;340:c2245 (Published 11 May 2010)


This week's Analysis section

Need for a wider view of autonomy in epidemiological research

BMJ 2010;340:c2335 (Published 5 May 2010)


This week's Letters section

A plea for reason

BMJ 2010;340:c2744 (Published 25 May 2010)

Good national data needed

BMJ 2010;340:c2777 (Published 25 May 2010)

Death is final: getting the balance right

BMJ 2010;340:c2741 (Published 25 May 2010)

What about community standardised mortality ratios?

BMJ 2010;340:c2749 (Published 25 May 2010)

Hospitals fit for purpose

BMJ 2010;340:c2751 (Published 25 May 2010)

What about older people?

BMJ 2010;340:c2768 (Published 25 May 2010)

Possible misuse of “palliative care” coding

BMJ 2010;340:c2753 (Published 25 May 2010)

How Scotland targets

BMJ 2010;340:c2764 (Published 25 May 2010)

What about breastfed babies?

BMJ 2010;340:c2759 (Published 25 May 2010)

Dietary and nutritional advice

BMJ 2010;340:c2762 (Published 25 May 2010)

No blind alleys in the clinic

BMJ 2010;340:c2754 (Published 25 May 2010)

Only ignorance stops progress

BMJ 2010;340:c2765 (Published 25 May 2010)

Remember CURB BADLIP in the UK

BMJ 2010;340:c2767 (Published 25 May 2010)

Benefits of viewing the body

BMJ 2010;340:c2757 (Published 25 May 2010)


This week's Observations section

After Wakefield: the real questions that need addressing

Evan Harris

BMJ 2010;340:c2829 (Published 26 May 2010)

Views & Reviews

This week's Views & Reviews section

It could happen to anybody: why 20 mph speed limits matter

Nick Foreman

BMJ 2010;340:c2813 (Published 26 May 2010)

Life is Sweet

John Quin

BMJ 2010;340:c2791 (Published 26 May 2010)

Ill at ease

Theodore Dalrymple

BMJ 2010;340:c2797 (Published 26 May 2010)

The Men

Kate Robertson

BMJ 2010;340:c2795 (Published 26 May 2010)

Views & Reviews - continued

Talking about a revolution

Des Spence

BMJ 2010;340:c2793 (Published 26 May 2010)

Good at what we know: doctors are rationed too

Kinesh Patel

BMJ 2010;340:c2748 (Published 26 May 2010)


This week's Obituaries section

Susanna Isaacs-Elmhirst

BMJ 2010;340:c2809 (Published 26 May 2010)

William Jonathan Abel

BMJ 2010;340:c2775 (Published 26 May 2010)

Mary Richmond Ellis

BMJ 2010;340:c2772 (Published 26 May 2010)

David Landsborough

BMJ 2010;340:c2773 (Published 26 May 2010)

Andrew Alexander Matchett

BMJ 2010;340:c2776 (Published 26 May 2010)

Kenneth Fletcher Malcolm Thomson

BMJ 2010;340:c2770 (Published 26 May 2010)

David Hughes Vaughan

BMJ 2010;340:c2771 (Published 26 May 2010)

Clinical Review

This week's Clinical Review section

Management of seasonal affective disorder

BMJ 2010;340:c2135 (Published 21 May 2010)


This week's Practice section

Guidelines: Neonatal jaundice: summary of NICE guidance

BMJ 2010;340:c2409 (Published 19 May 2010)

Easily Missed?: Biliary atresia

BMJ 2010;340:c2383 (Published 19 May 2010)

A Patient’s Journey: The war in my head: coping with arteriovenous malformation after a brain haemorrhage

BMJ 2010;340:b5400 (Published 26 February 2010)


This week's Endgames section

Severe perianal ulceration

BMJ 2010;340:c2157 (Published 26 May 2010)

Study design

BMJ 2010;340:c2667 (Published 26 May 2010)

Child protection

BMJ 2010;340:c2720 (Published 26 May 2010)


This week's Minerva section


BMJ 2010;340:c2636 (Published 26 May 2010)


BMJ 2010;340:c2615 (Published 26 May 2010)

Head to Head

This week's Head to Head section

Should health policy focus on physical activity rather than obesity? Yes

BMJ 2010;340:c2603 (Published 25 May 2010)

Should health policy focus on physical inactivity rather than obesity? No

BMJ 2010;340:c2602 (Published 25 May 2010)

Research Methods & Reporting

This week's Research Methods & Reporting section

An IV for the RCT: using instrumental variables to adjust for treatment contamination in randomised controlled trials

BMJ 2010;340:c2073 (Published 4 May 2010)