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BMJ 2005; 330 doi: (Published 09 June 2005) Cite this as: BMJ 2005;330:1353
  1. Harvey Marcovitch (, BMJ syndication editor

    Smoking causes visual loss in elderly people

    Age related macular degeneration is the most important cause of visual loss in elderly people, with smoking a major risk factor. Among patients aged over 75 taking part in a UK Medical Research Council trial in 49 general practices current smokers were found to have twice the risk of age related macular degeneration as non-smokers. The benefit of stopping smoking was seen after 10 years but equality with non-smokers took 20 years. The authors estimate that the condition is attributable to smoking in 28 000 elderly people in the UK. As sight cannot be restored in this condition, the finding is yet another reason to discourage smoking.

    Br J Ophthalmol 2005;89: 550-3

    Sildenafil restores potency in multiple sclerosis

    Erectile dysfunction occurs in 50-75% of men with multiple sclerosis. A placebo controlled trial involving 218 patients …

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