The BMJ Careers job archive

BMJ 2003; 327 doi: http://dx.doi.org/10.1136/bmj.327.7419.826 (Published 09 October 2003) Cite this as: BMJ 2003;327:826
  1. Jackie Connor, director, BMJ Careers (jconnor{at}bmj.com),
  2. Jonathan Beadle, production coordinator, BMJ Careers (jbeadle{at}bmj.com),
  3. Rhona MacDonald, editor,Career Focus (rmacdonald{at}bmj.com)

    This could be a useful addition to your job hunting strategy

    As part of our growing range of BMJ careers services we have recently launched an archive of all the vacancies that have been published in BMJ Careers since January 2000. You can find it at the job archive option of bmjcareers.com.

    We automatically keep current vacancies on our website until their closing date expires. From now on instead of deleting them to the electronic equivalent of a box under the bed, we will make them available to you for searching. Currently there are over 20 000 general practitioner appointments and over 119 000 hospital appointments in the archive.

    We are not sure why you want to see expired advertisements, but you keep asking us to make them available. We know that some of you analyse the recruitment cycles of more popular appointments in top trusts: if the advertisement appeared in March 2002 and March 2003 then you'll be ready with your application in March 2004 when it comes around again. We know that another more unfortunate group want to revisit the advertisement for their current post: to check the dissonance between the offer and the reality.

    We suspect that it might provide a useful tool for those of you interested in recruitment trends. We publish around 95% of all hospital jobs in England, for example, and if you need to know how many vacancies for consultant cardiologists occurred in the northeast in 2002 you will find the answer in the archive (box).

    The archive works in a similar way to the “Jobs (current)” part of the site, with an important difference. In addition to being able to search by specialty, job grade, and geographical location you can now search for vacancies that appeared within a specific period. For example, you could easily find an advertisement that appeared in the 27 September issue by searching for all vacancies that match your criteria that appeared between 1 September 2003 and 30 September 2003. Simply use the drop down menu to choose the “From” and “To” dates between which you think the job appeared. You'll then be presented with all the jobs that match your criteria.

    We hope you'll find it a useful tool to add to your job hunting strategy.1


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