Life expectancy rates show health inequalities

BMJ 2001; 323 doi: (Published 29 September 2001) Cite this as: BMJ 2001;323:735

In this news article by Lynn Eaton (1 September, p 471) some of the data accompanying the map of life expectancy rates in Britain were wrong. For the lowest five health authorities we inadvertently listed (and showed on the map) the authorities ranked 10 to 5 in the lowest 10. The lowest five authorities are in fact: for men, Manchester 70.2, Greater Glasgow 70.4, Western Isles 70.9, Argyll and Clyde 71.2, Liverpool 71.7; and for women, Greater Glasgow 76.5, Manchester 76.6, Liverpool 77.0, Lanarkshire 77.3, Argyll and Clyde 77.7. The text in the article was correct.


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