BMJ 1998; 317 doi: (Published 19 September 1998) Cite this as: BMJ 1998;317:786

Will the fudge on equity sustain the NHS into the next millennium?

In the article by Mays and Keen (4 July, pp 66-9) the third sentence in the first paragraph of the section about arguments for changes, contained an error. The sentence should have read: “Although it is difficult to believe when you are on an NHS waiting list, people in the United Kingdom are more satisfied with healthcare arrangements than are people in the United States and Sweden, but less satisfied than people in Canada; these three countries all spend more than the United Kingdom on health care.9

Cardiac arrests outside hospital

The opening sentence of the editorial by Tom Evans (4 April, pp 1031-2) should have read: “Twenty five years after the original epidemiological studies1 2 two thirds of all patients who die with acute coronary events still do so before reaching a hospital (p 1065).3


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