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BMJ 1998; 317 doi: (Published 29 August 1998) Cite this as: BMJ 1998;317:583

NHS National R&D Programme on Health Technology Assessment

The NHS National R&D Programme on Health Technology Assessment has a home page on Particularly worth viewing are the reviews they have published of various healthcare issues, including diagnosis and management of prostate cancer, outpatient services for control of chronic pain, neonatal screening for inborn errors of metabolism, and screening practice for Down's syndrome. All reviews are currently available online as full text on, in Adobe Acrobat's PDF format ( ).

Terence Higgins Trust

The Terence Higgins Trust now has a website on The site contains information on a range of issues relevant to those with HIV infections and those who care for them, from housing and welfare rights to information on the treatment of Africans with AIDS.

UK universities and research institutes at a click

If you are looking for the website for a UK academic institution, the School of Computing and Information Technology at the University of Wolverhampton has produced an excellent series of clickable maps ( ).

Microbiology teaching on the web

For a useful collection of microbiology courses on the web, see The list is provided as a supplement to Ronald Hurlbert's course “Microbiology 101: Fundamentals of microbiology” ( ) at Washington State University. For a student's assessment of microbiology teaching on the web, see For an amusing but informative view of life as a bacterium, see Murray's page on

Cult of the personality: William Osler

For all the information you could want on William Osler, visit Tan-Min Han's tribute page “Sir William Osler: the Man and Legend” on Also worth a look is

Nobel prize winners

If you are embarrassed to admit you can't recall who won last year's Nobel prize in physiology or medicine, then visit the Nobel prize internet archive, which not only lists prize winners in each category but also provides bibliographic informatino and links to other relevant online information. The archive is fully searchable, which led me to discover that Sir Ronald Ross, 1902 Nobel laureate, was a Barts man. For some light relief, also take a look at the Ig Nobel prizes on, where you can learn that there really is a book devoted to identifying insects from the splatters they leave on your windscreen called That Gunk on your Car

The Internet Society of Orthopaedic Surgery and Traumatology

The Internet Society of Orthopaedic Surgery and Traumatology, which aims to improve the quality of orthopaedic information on the internet, now has its own website on

Paediatric respiratory medicine mailing list

Anyone with an interest in paediatric respiratory medicine might like to join a new electronic mailing list, PED-LUNG, dedicated to this subject. See the PED-LUNG website for details ( ).

Medical images for sale over the web

If you need medical images and are willing to pay for them, you might like to visit the Mediclip website on, where you can search for, order, purchase, and download images, all via the web.

Sildenafil citrate (Viagra) online

In preparation for the likely onslaught on prescription pads once sildenafil citrate is licensed in Britain, you might like to sample a few online resources dealing with the drug. Viagra Talk ( ) is a online forum, moderated by a physician, for exploring patients' and prescribers' experiences of the drug. The drug's manufacturer, Pfizer, has put together a site on, the Pillbox pharmacy has a set of frequently asked questions on, and the Food and Drug Administration has provided information on

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