Cot death linked to prolonged QT interval

BMJ 1998; 316 doi: (Published 20 June 1998) Cite this as: BMJ 1998;316:1852
  1. Deborah Josefson
  1. San Francisco

    Most cases of the sudden infant death syndrome can be traced to an anomaly of cardiac conduction and ventricular repolarisation known as a prolonged QT interval, according to the largest study ever carried out on the syndrome.

    Over 19 years Dr Peter John Schwartz, a cardiologist from the University of Pavia in Italy, and colleagues recorded electrocardiograms on 34442 neonates on day 3 or 4 after birth (New England Journal of Medicine 1998;338:1709-14). The newborns were followed for a year. One year follow up data were available for 33034 of the infants: 34 deaths occurred, of which 24 were attributed to the sudden infant death syndrome.

    Most of …

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