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BMJ 1998; 316 doi: (Published 25 April 1998) Cite this as: BMJ 1998;316:1294

Technical Advisory Service for Images (TASI)

  • In view of the recent discussion in the BMJ about digital images and informed consent, readers might be interested to visit the TASI website (, which provides advice on the ethical, technical, and copyright aspects of setting up digital image archives.

British Official Publications Current Awareness Service (BOPCAS)

EMBBS Electrocardiogram of the Month

DocTalk Radio

Anatomy tutorials

  • Donal Shanahan at the University of Newcastle has produced three interactive tutorials ( on the gross anatomy of the shoulder, larynx, and vertebral column. Aimed at first year medical students, they include diagrams, dissection images, magnetic resonance images, text, and movies.


Internet porn: set a thief to catch a thief?

  • While the internet is by and large a force for good, its down side includes the exchange of pornography by paedophiles and the malevolent activities of some hackers. It is thus intriguing to see that some hackers are using their skills for good rather than ill. Ethical Hackers Against Pedophiles ( is a group who claim that theirs is “a mission of good over evil” and that “this is war.” It is hard to disagree with their stated aim of seeking out and stopping exploitation of children on the internet, but does the end justifies the means?

Internet porn: are you re-publishing it?

  • While adult pornography may not be as clearly illegal or unethical as child pornography, most, if not all, British medical schools have a policy of banning it from their computers and networks. It thus seems odd that many of the same institutions still accept and re-broadcast a wide range of newsgroups covering the rawer aspects of human sexuality (particularly those in the hierarchy, which covers everything from to If you can access these newsgroups over your university network you might want to ask those in authority why.


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