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    • Visit QuackWatch ( to sample retired psychiatrist Steve Barrett's single handed attempt to debunk all so called alternative therapies and other quackery.


    • Can't be bothered to traipse over to the library and wait until the photocopier is free? Try the new JournalsOnline service from the Bath Information and Data Services (BIDS) on The service is free to British academics in institutions that subscribe to BIDS and to the appropriate journals. You will need to visit your library to get a password, which will also allow you to search the Science Citation Index on the BIDS site ( At present, only journals from Blackwell Science and Blackwell Publishers are available, but other publishers will be joining the scheme in time. Articles are available in Adobe Acrobat format and, when printed on a laser printer, seem far crisper than the equivalent photocopy.

    Laboratory Syllabus in Molecular Cell Biology

    New Trauma Moulage

    • The people at the excellent Trauma Moulage web site ( have just added a second online interactive tutorial. This time you get to ride in a helicopter, and you not only have the opportunity to kill your patient several times over but also to kill yourself if you get it wrong.

    Urology site

    Surgical training

    • The Association of Surgeons in Training now has a web site ( featuring all sorts of information for surgeons in training, including the association's newsletter. There is an associated moderated email discussion list on surgical training—for details, send an email to

    MedNet 97

    Orthopaedic and trauma surgery on the web

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