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Virtual cafÉ

  • CafÉ HerpÉ ( is a new web site launched by SmithKline Beecham providing medical information on genital herpes in a friendly virtual cafÉ environment. Inside CafÉ HerpÉ you will find a reading lounge, a buffet, an espresso bar, a terrace, and a gallery. You can even summon “the waiter” to help you find information.

Seek and ye shall find

  • Filez ( is a new web site aimed at helping you find software on the Internet. The site claims that you can search over 75 million files for specific titles. Category headings let you limit your search for titles to Windows, Macintosh, OS/2, and other platforms.

  • The Medical World Search site ( is a useful addition to the list of sites that allow you to search for medical material on the web. The site not only searches its own index of the major medical sites on the web but can pass on your query to other search facilities on the web. The site also features a powerful set of tools to help you refine your query.

Words, words, words

Oasis without blur

  • The Mayo Health O@sis ( is an online health network and newsletter sponsored by the Mayo Clinic. The site is fully searchable and contains useful information and advice for the general public, some of which is also of interest to biomedical professionals. I particularly liked the article on the psychopathology of life on line (

Clinical chemistry on line

  • The Association of Clinical Biochemists' web site ( houses various items of general medical interest including an assay finder to help researchers find methods or labs to measure a wide variety of hormones, metals, enzymes, and drugs in bodily fluids. There is also free software on offer and some ready made PowerPoint presentations on osteoporosis, inborn errors of metabolism, and other subjects that should prove useful for teaching.

Boil your water


Irish Medical Directory

  • Irish readers may be interested to visit the Irish Medical Directory's site on The site contains Irish medical news, information on new products and job vacancies, an email directory of Irish doctors, and links to other Irish medical sites.

Brush up on your Netskills

  • If you are still a little nervous about using the Internet, then visit the Netskills site ( Netskills aims to help the British higher education community make effective use of the Internet for teaching, research, and administration. Of particular interest here is the Online Netskills Interactive Tutorial (, which will help you develop your online skills.

You are what you eat?

  • If you or your children are regular visitors to McDonalds, you might be interested to visit the McSpotlight site on The site has grown out of the longest and arguably one of the most important trials in English legal history, the so called “McLibel case.” The trial has already lasted over 300 days, with the judge's verdict due some time after Easter. One of the central issues of the case is the nutritional value of fast food. Judge the evidence for yourself (and there's plenty of it on both sides of the case) on

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