BMJ 1996; 312 doi: (Published 13 January 1996) Cite this as: BMJ 1996;312:74

Heath secretary warns about NHS rationing: In a speech this week the British health secretary, Stephen Dorrell, warned health authorities not to introduce rationing by imposing blanket bans of some treatments. Clinical effectiveness was the principal criterion on which treatment should be provided. The health minister, Gerald Malone, will lead a review of options for developing primary health care, such as small hospitals involving local general practitioners.

Imperial Cancer Research Fund has new head: Dr Paul Nurse will succeed Sir Walter Bodmer as director general of the Imperial Cancer Research Fund on 1 September. Dr Nurse was head of a laboratory at the fund from 1984 to 1987, when he became Iveagh professor of microbiology at Oxford University.

US supreme court rules affidavit on smoking habits is lawful: The US Supreme Court has ruled that a city in Florida can ask applicants for jobs to sign affidavits stating they have not smoked for the past year. It ruled that the request was reasonable because of the cost of smoking related diseases.

American adults take little exercise: A survey of nearly 10000 men and women carried out by the National Center for Health Statistics found that nearly one in four adults in the United States take no exercise during their leisure time. Over two thirds of the sample took less than the amount recommended by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention—30 minutes of moderate physical exercise most days.

China defends child health care: Human Rights Watch, an organisation based in New York, has issued a report saying that malnutrition is the commonest cause of death in the Shanghai Children's Welfare Institute. It said that thousands of babies have been deliberately starved or abused in China's orphanages. The government in Beijing responded by saying that cases of child malnutrition had fallen by 24% compared with 1990.

Britain's employers must report violence: Injuries to people at work caused by violence must be reported to the Health and Safety Executive by employers, under new government regulations. The executive said that it needed more information about the nature and extent of violence to staff.

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