BMJ 1995; 310 doi: (Published 17 June 1995) Cite this as: BMJ 1995;310:1566


The Tsaritsa is to be congratulated upon having both the determination and the ability to dispense with the services of wet nurses, and to undertake herself the duty of nourishing her infant daughter. It is said that she is the first Empress of Russia who has ever done so. Fashion is responsible for so much in all that pertains to woman that this event may possibly be life-saving to many infants yet unborn. It no doubt is true that the habits of modern life do unfit a certain number of women for the proper fulfilment of their maternal duties, but there is much reason to believe that the neglect of their infants, which is so common nowadays, is far more often due to fashion than to any real inability to afford them a proper supply of nourishment, and anything which will set the fashion in the direction of more natural methods in the rearing of infants will be of much service in checking the spread of many forms of infantile degeneration. (BMJ 1895;ii:1374.)

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