BMJ 1994; 308 doi: (Published 18 June 1994) Cite this as: BMJ 1994;308:1619

Discrimination against people with HIV and AIDS in Poland

An author's error occurred in this paper by Renee Danziger (30 April, pp 1145-7) concerning the booklet AIDS and You. This booklet was published by the BMA in 1987 not by the Health Education Authority. Copyright is held by the BMA.

Invasive cancer of the cervix in women with mild dyskaryosis followed up cytologically

Two printer's errors occurred in this Education and Debate article by W P Soutter and Astrid Fletcher (28 May, pp 1421-3). In the penultimate column of table I, headed No of women with invasive lesions (microinvasive lesions), the first two entries should have been 7(?) and 5 (?) [not ? (?) and 5 (0) as published].

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