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The Soft Tissues: Trauma and Sports Injuries

BMJ 1994; 308 doi: (Published 05 February 1994) Cite this as: BMJ 1994;308:422
  1. W N Dodds

    Ed G R McLarchie, C M E Lennox Butterworth Heinemann, (Pounda Sterling)45, pp 485 ISBN 0-7506-0170-1

    Soft tissue trauma is often neglected, yet many of us spend our time in out-patient clinics dealing with conditions affecting these tissues. As long ago as 1940 Reginald Watson-Jones was quoted as saying, “It is worse to sprain an ankle than to break it,” because soft tissue injuries are often ignored, with consequent morbidity.

    Damage to soft tissue may be the same whether incurred during sporting activities or from non-sporting trauma, and The Soft Tissues usefully groups the pathology and management …

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