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Effect of Histamine H2-Receptor Blockade on Vagally Induced Gastric Secretion in Man

Br Med J 1974; 3 doi: (Published 31 August 1974) Cite this as: Br Med J 1974;3:554
  1. D. C. Carter,
  2. J. A. H. Forrest,
  3. M. Werner,
  4. R. C. Heading,
  5. J. Park,
  6. D. J. C. Shearman


    Metiamide, an antagonist of histamine H2 receptors, was administered intravenously to normal subjects and to patients with a peptic ulcer during vagal stimulation with a constant infusion of insulin. In normal and peptic-ulcer subjects there were reductions of 70% and 71% respectively in gastric-acid output compared with control tests on the same subjects. The decreased acid output resulted from a reduction in both volume of secretion and acid concentration. Metiamide is therefore a potent inhibitor of vagally-induced gastric acid secretion.