Research Article

The oesophageal obturator airway: a new device in emergency cardiopulmonary resuscitation.

Br Med J 1980; 281 doi: (Published 06 December 1980) Cite this as: Br Med J 1980;281:1531
  1. T A Michael,
  2. A S Gordon


    Experience with 29 000 cases in which the oesophageal obturator airway has been used in cardiopulmonary resuscitation indicates its safety, efficacy, and ease of use. Blood gases, fractional inspired oxygen, and pH were measured in 18 patients given both the oesophageal obturator airway and the endotracheal tube; there was no significant difference between the two. The former was found to be inserted more rapidly and reliably; moreover, paramedical staff are quickly trained to use it. It is concluded that the oesophageal obturator airway provides the technique of choice whenever ideal conditions and facilities--and trained staff--for endotracheal intubation are not immediately available.