Research Article

Plasma creatinine and urea: creatinine ratio in patients with raised plasma urea.

Br Med J 1977; 2 doi: (Published 08 October 1977) Cite this as: Br Med J 1977;2:929
  1. D B Morgan,
  2. M E Carver,
  3. R B Payne


    We examined the plasma urea and creatinine concentrations and the ratio between them according to diagnosis in 100 unselected and 31 selected adult hospital patients with a plasma urea concentration greater than or equal to 10 mmol/l (60mg/100ml). We also examined plasma urea and creatinine concentrations in 350 unselected consecutive patients, but found no useful relation between the two values. Congestive heart failure was the most common identifiable cause of a raised plasma urea concentration in the 100 unselected patients (36%). Among these 100 patinets the plasma creatinine concentration was a more useful discriminant between prerenal uraemia and intrinsic renal failure than was the urea:creatinine ratio or the plasma urea concentration. A plasma creatinine concentration greater than 250 mumol/1 (2-8 mg/100ml) indicated intrinsic renal failure with a 90% probability.