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Our values

Our values are intrinsic in giving us the focus and direction we need to deliver solutions that improve health outcomes.

Patients come first
Our overriding commitment is to help health care professionals do the best for patients and the public. A respect for patient safety, confidentiality and individual patient choice underpins our culture, brand and behaviors.
Knowledge for healthcare professionals and patients should be independent and unbiased
Our independence means everything to us and is vital for our products and services to be trusted.
Evidence matters
We believe that high quality evidence and data drive better outcomes for patients. Where good evidence is not available we strive to provide the very best clinical wisdom.
Being transparent and open creates trust
We encourage open debate, comment, criticism and correction. We declare our own interests and the interests of those who work with us. We will explain our decisions.
Improving healthcare is difficult and requires courage
We support our staff, healthcare professionals and the public to challenge the status quo, speak out against wrong doing and campaign for change.
Do it well or not at all
We only make products and services of which we are proud.
What we do is better if users are involved
Our best means of ensuring excellence is to put users at the heart of what we do. Our users are experts in their own experiences. Their participation in the development of our products and services adds richness, relevance and longevity.
Serving our customers to the best of our ability helps to improve healthcare
If we understand the needs of our customers and our products and services are easy to apply in practice then we are more likely to succeed in our mission.
We take pride in our people
We value and listen to the individuals and teams around the world who have chosen to work with us. We strive to create the right culture for ideas to flourish and we are committed to supporting staff development and rewarding success.

Living our values

Our values are more than just a vision. We have a steadfast commitment to apply them to everything we do and every decision we make.

Our winning Values video

Animation by Pedro Lopez, Engineering Manager at BMJ and winner of our Values competition.

Watch Pedro’s video on what living our values means at BMJ, and find out why he won the competition.

BMJ-Video BMJ-Video

Values in action

Our Values are more than just a vision. They represent the work we do everyday and are integrated in our business decisions and strategy.

The BMJ ‘acts appropriately’ in statins controversy

In October 2013, The BMJ published two articles questioning the value of giving statins to low risk groups. These were corrected after an error was highlighted. But when a senior academic said both articles should be retracted, the editor referred the matter to an independent panel. In August 2014, the panel endorsed The BMJ’s approach, saying it had acted in line with publication ethics guidelines. Read the full story on

  • Evidence matters
  • Improving healthcare is difficult and requires courage
  • Knowledge for health care professionals and patients should be independent and unbiased

The BMJ is first medical journal to receive ‘Patients Included’ award

The BMJ is the first ever medical journal to receive the ‘Patients Included’ award for its strategy to encourage doctors and patients to work together as partners to improve healthcare. “People with experience of illness and using health services have much to teach us,” says Patient Partnership Editor, Dr Tessa Richards. “We want partnership to be integral to how we work and think; as well as what we advocate for.”

  • Patients come first
  • Do it well or not at all
  • We take pride in our people

Missing data: a threat to the integrity of evidence based medicine

In 2009, The BMJ published an expert review that questioned the effectiveness of Tamiflu to prevent flu complications in healthy people – and highlighted the wider issue of missing trial data undermining doctors’ abilities to prescribe treatments with confidence. This led to the BMJ’s ‘Open Data’ campaign, which aims to improve the transparency of clinical trials around the world. More on

  • Evidence matters
  • Improving healthcare is difficult and requires courage
  • Being transparent and open creates trust

Measuring our Values

Our Values reports are  independently assessed to ensure transparency and continuous improvement. Read our 2015 Living our Values report and independent assurance statement issued by Corporate CitizenshipDVNGL.

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