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Our portfolio ranges from specialist publications, clinical decision support tools to learning resources, events and careers services.

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BMJ events

BMJ has managed large scale international events for over 30 years, so you can be confident that we know what it takes to make an event successful.

All our event content is produced by a dedicated team of clinicians so it meets the changing needs of primary and secondary healthcare workers. We also command expertise in a range of events, all of which are available live-streamed and via webinars:

  • International conferences attracting 3,000+ delegates
  • Awards ceremonies and gala dinners, 
  • Exhibitions
  • Workshops and clinical roundtables

Surveys reveal that 92% of delegates said their practice would improve for  the better after attending a BMJ Masterclass.




BMJ Careers Fair

The UK’s most comprehensive medical careers event

BMJ Masterclasses

Interactive face-to-face and online courses, delivered by experts

International Forum on Quality & Safety in Healthcare

Meetings on quality improvement

The BMJ Awards

Showcasing the very best in UK healthcare

BMJ Awards South Asia

Recognising excellence and celebrating achievements in Indian healthcare

Leaders in Healthcare

Showcasing achievements in healthcare leadership & management

BMJ Journals

BMJ Journals provides high quality content for health professionals and researchers across the world. 

Our journals include not only The BMJ, but some of the most influential speciality journals in their field.

BMJ Journals cover1


One of the most cited general medical journals in the world

BMJ Journals

High-impact research for a global audience

Student BMJ

The international medical journal for students

The BNF & BNF for Children

Authoritative and practical information on the selection and clinical use of medicines

Careers & recruitment

We can help you find the best candidates for your vacancies because 96% of job-seeking doctors use BMJ Careers.* Our weekly careers section is sent to all UK-based clinicians, where we feature jobs across all grades and specialties, covering primary and secondary care and international vacancies. We also help doctors excel in their current positions and provide the tools they need to find new ones.  

Recently, we worked with a regional county in the UK to help create their own brand and a highly successful recruitment campaign. BMJ Careers can help you too.

*According to independent research by Kantar Health in 2014.

BMJ Careers

Reach high-calibre candidates to fill your latest medical vacancies

BMJ Careers Fair

The UK’s most comprehensive medical careers event

Clinical decision support

Our in-house medical experts have spent years perfecting the BMJ’s tools and processes to provide clinicians with the best available decision support.

They bring trustworthy, evidence-based information to help you deal with the realities that come with clinical life. 

A recent independent article published in the Journal of Medical Internet Research shows how well BMJ Best Practice stacks up against 22 other clinical decision support tools.

“[BMJ] Best Practice…. scored the highest across all dimensions, while others that were marketed as evidence-based were less reliable.”

BMJ Best Practice

A breakthrough in point-of-care decision support


Practical Approach to Care Kit for primary care

Education & training

Our extensive range of professional development resources assist with assessment, training and CME/CPD via a cutting edge range of online courses, live events and webinars.

Underpinning all our products is the belief that learning should be driven by the needs of healthcare professionals and their patients, with higher quality and safer healthcare as  its explicit purpose.

Over 700,00 healthcare professionals from more than 100 countries access our revision resources and online learning tools.


BMJ Learning

E-learning for busy students and healthcare professionals

BMJ OnExamination

The leading provider of online medical exam preparation

BMJ Portfolio

Helping you keep track of your learning

BMJ Masterclasses

Interactive face-to-face and online courses, delivered by experts

Research to Publication

eLearning programme for early career academics

Healthcare improvement

Did you know you can get published in our open-access online journal, Quality Improvement Reports? Take a look at some of the remarkable quality improvement projects published this year by clicking here

Our International Forum on Quality and Safety is coming to Kuala Lumpur for 2017. Over 1,200 delegates will attend to discuss and share best practices that are helping to overcome the regional difficulties and global challenges experienced by healthcare professionals working in the Asia-Pacific area.

The video below filmed at this year’s event in Singapore gives you a taste of what to expect.

BMJ Technology Assessment Group

Specialists in evidence synthesis and modelling

BMJ Quality & Safety Journal

The international journal of healthcare improvement

International Forum on Quality & Safety in Healthcare

Meetings on quality improvement

BMJ Outcomes

Measuring outcomes that matter most to patients

Leaders in Healthcare

Showcasing achievements in healthcare leadership & management

Quality Improvement Reports

Searchable repository of global quality improvements

Rights and licensing

Content from across BMJ can be licensed, photocopied or reprinted for your specific needs. We welcome proposals for new local edition projects in print or online, in translation and English language in all territories. We are also interested in hearing new ideas and ways to present our products and content in different markets.

Rights are available to licence content worldwide from over 50 specialist medical journals, many of them are leaders in their field.

Rights and Licensing

Permissions, photocopying, licensing and reprints