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Latest press releases and image bank:

17 February 

The BMJ Awards: Finalists announced for The BMJ Awards 2017

16 February 

The BMJ: Study reports that vitamin D supplements reduce risk of acute respiratory infections

BMJ Opinion: New legislation could harm UK’s most vulnerable children, warns child protection expert

15 February 

BMJ Supportive & Palliative Care: Appointment of New Editor in Chief

10 February 

Journal of Medical Ethics: Allow some people to continue to self-injure as part of harm minimisation, says researcher

Heart Asia: Recreational amphetamine use may hasten biological ageing of the heart

9 February 

The BMJ: Is it time for a dedicated tax to fund the NHS?

The BMJ: Rising inequalities to blame for many of world’s ills, say experts

8 February 

Occupational & Environmental Medicine: Physically demanding jobs and shiftwork linked to lowered fertility in women

Tobacco Control: Teen vaping “one way bridge” to future smoking among non-smokers, say researchers 

3 February 

The BMJ: US patients treated by international doctors have lower death rates than those treated by home trained doctors

2 February 

The BMJ: Seeing the same GP associated with fewer hospital admissions

The BMJ: It’s time the NHS was smoke-free

1 February 

BMJ: BVA and BMJ appoint new editor for Veterinary Record

30 January

The BMJ:  Senior doctors urge Prime Minister to act on underfunded NHS 

26 January 

The BMJ: Anxiety and depression may be linked to increased risk of death from some cancers

The BMJ: How effective and safe is hormone treatment in pregnant women with mild thyroid problems?

The BMJ: High variability among medical experts when assessing claimants for work disability benefits

23 January 

BMJ: BMJ launches new platform to help researchers get published, discovered and cited

The BMJ: World still “grossly underprepared” for infectious disease outbreaks

20 January 

Thorax: Lead on climate change to ‘make America great again,’ respiratory doctors urge Trump

18 January 

The BMJ: The war on drugs causes massive human rights violations

The BMJ: Financial ties between researchers and drug industry linked to positive trial results

17 January 

Sexually Transmitted Infections: HIV treatment might boost susceptibility to syphilis, say researchers

Tobacco Control: Smoking related imagery absent from only one James Bond movie to date

Acupuncture in Medicine: Acupuncture may alleviate babies’ excessive crying

11 January 

The BMJ: Migraine associated with higher risk of stroke after surgery

The BMJ: Should gluten-free foods be available on prescription?

The BMJ: Low cost salt reduction policy would save millions of lives worldwide

The BMJ: Coca-Cola’s Christmas truck tour should be banned, say public health experts

10 January 

Gut: High dietary red meat intake linked to common bowel condition diverticulitis

Drug and Therapeutics Bulletin: NHS England taken to task for sore throat ‘test and treat plans’ in pharmacies

9 January 

BMJ: BMJ partners with Cochrane Clinical Answers to boost knowledge at the point of care

5 January 

The BMJ: The BMJ reveals private firms run a third of CCGs’ schemes to screen GP referrals

The BMJ: “Screen and treat” approach to prevent type 2 diabetes unlikely to have major impact

3 January 

BMJ Case Reports: Woman hospitalised after developing complication of a New Year ‘detox’

23 December 

Journal of Family Planning & Reproductive Health Care: Abortion care in the UK is “heading towards a crisis”, warns expert

Journal of Family Planning & Reproductive Health Care: More than 50% of women are avoiding pregnancy due to Zika in Brazil

21 December 

Thorax: High dietary processed meat intake linked to worsening asthma symptoms

Archives of Diseases in Childhood: Young children can choke to death on whole grapes, doctors warn

20 December

The BMJ: Concern over “unethical practices” by US drug maker in India

Sexually Transmitted Infections: Commercial brand of mouthwash can help kill off gonorrhoea in the mouth

16 December 

BMJ: BMJ announces new partnership to support primary healthcare in China

15 December 

The BMJ: Study dispels myth that Santa only visits children who are nice

The BMJ: Sharp rise in breast cancer gene testing after Angelina Jolie’s New York Times editorial

14 December 

The BMJ: Sustained enjoyment in older age linked to longer life

The BMJ: Study identifies why some people can smell asparagus in urine

The BMJ: Pokémon Go moderately improves physical activity among adults

13 December

British Journal of Sports Medicine: No good evidence that shock-absorbing insoles stave off injuries or stress fractures

Veterinary Record: Insufficient evidence to support use of homeopathy in livestock

BMJ Global Health: Emergency surgery death risk up to 7 times higher for kids in low income countries

7 December 

Tobacco Control: US public largely unaware that cigarette smoke much more harmful than additives

Injury Prevention: School shootings less likely in states with background checks on gun purchases

6 December 

BMJ Global Health: Women in developed nations with strong Catholic heritage less likely to breastfeed

Sexually Transmitted Infections: Pubic hair grooming linked to heightened sexually transmitted infection risk

BMJ: BMJ and University of Cape Town Knowledge Translation Unit launch PACK Adult Global in eBook and print format - to empower primary health care workers

5 December 

BMJ: BMJ Best Practice and BMJ Learning now available to health professionals in Paraná State, Brazil

2 December 

The BMJ: Independent experts find no grounds for retraction of The BMJ article on dietary guidelines

BMJ Case Reports: Mix-up over herbal teas; advice behind drinking plenty of fluids; bodybuilders injecting oils; cancer associated with Agent Orange

1 December 

The BMJ: Increased risk of blood clots soon after starting testosterone treatment

The BMJ: Preserving fertility in girls and young women with cancer “haphazard” say experts

The BMJ: Editor in chief of The BMJ appointed honorary professor at CaRe research school




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