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We’re working with the world’s brightest minds to create a healthier world.

Become an integral part of the medical community - a partnership with BMJ grants you exclusive access to certain areas of our content assets and archived catalogue.

Become part of one of the world’s most recognised and respected brands and access a global audience.

We offer dedicated teams of specialists to direct and validate your ideas using their expertise in:

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Unparalleled promotion

One of the biggest challenges for a newly-created company is in its growth and expansion. We achieve international growth for our partners with privileged access to target audiences. Our 15 commercial teams are based locally in Europe, the Middle East, Australasia, and the Americas. We also have over 20 dedicated marketing teams driving global subscriptions in the UK, BRIC and Australasia.

BMJ’s global footprint provides unrivalled reach and brand recognition:

  • 66.3 million monthly pageviews from 23 million users.
  • 8,000+ institutional customers.
  • 750,000+ contactable clinicians.
  • 45% of 60 indexed journals ranked within top 10 of their category.

Stand out from the crowd and gain medical credibility by partnering with us today. 

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