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BMA membership benefits

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BMA membership benefits

BMA members are entitled to a wide range of benefits from the BMJ.

 BMA members are entitled to a range of useful resources from BMJ.

BMJ can enhance your day to day decision-making and healthcare delivery with its international peer-reviewed medical journal The BMJ, highly-acclaimed clinical decision support resource and professional development courses.

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How to login to the BMJ

BMA members
Register with the BMA website to access The BMJ online. Once registered with the BMA website, you can access The BMJ for free:

  • Open in your browser .
  • Use the BMA members link in the sign-in area, top right corner of the screen.
  • Enter your email address (as registered with the BMA website).
  • Enter your password (as registered with the BMA website).

Need to reset your password?

Need to update your email address?
Visit (you will need to know your password)

Accessing other BMJ services

As well as The BMJ, BMA members can get a number of discounts from BMJ but you will need to register separately for these.

For help with registering for these extra services:

Call BMJ Support directly on (+44) (0)20 7 111 1105 or email