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  • Discrimination in medicine

    With the proportion of women in medicine reaching 50%, Abi Rimmer looks at whether there is still a need to campaign for gender equality in the profession.

  • Advice from an admissions dean

    Get tips for how to approach a multiple mini interview station where you have to break some bad news in this week's Student BMJ.

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Since starting out as the publisher of a single medical journal in 1840, BMJ has developed a unique range of expertise to meet today’s global healthcare challenges. We invited a handful of our customers and staff from around the world to tell us what inspires and excites them about BMJ. The results are memorable.

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Our Values are intrinsic in giving us the focus and direction we need to deliver solutions that improve health outcomes. They are more than just a vision. They represent the work we do everyday and are integrated in our business decisions and strategy.

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From Brazil to Beijing, Mumbai to Manchester, BMJ is helping to improve health outcomes around the world. Read a selection of our greatest success stories here.