Patient partnership

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The BMJ launched an innovative strategy to promote patient partnership in 2014. It took this step because it sees partnering with patients, their families, carers and support communities, and the public as an ethical imperative, which is essential to improving the quality, safety, value, and sustainability of health systems.

The strategy has seen the journal move to co-produce its content with patients and advancing international debate on how to embed meaningful partnership with patients in clinical practice, service delivery, research, education, and policy. The strategy was drawn up with and continues to be informed by a dedicated international patient advisory panel.

The internal changes that The BMJ have introduced are making patient partnership integral to the way the journal works and thinks, as well as something we advocate for in healthcare. Steps taken include:

In recognition of the journals initiative The BMJ was the first medical journal to receive a "Patients Included" certificate in 2015.

The BMJ supports the “Patients Included” campaign. We are adopting its key principles for the conferences we runs and extending it to those we form media partnerships with. We also support initiatives to share the full medical record with patients and promote ownership of them. We view full access to personal health records as a fundamental right, and an important contributor to patient safety, health literacy, shared decision making, and the promotion of self care.

In February 2015 The BMJ published one of its Spotlight series of articles to advance debate on how to embed patient centred care. This was supported by DNV.GL.