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Don’t keep taking the tablets

BMJ 2013;347:f7438 (Published 11 December 2013)


The survival time of chocolates on hospital wards: covert observational study

BMJ 2013;347:f7198 (Published 14 December 2013)

The Brady Bunch? New evidence for nominative determinism in patients’ health: retrospective, population based cohort study

BMJ 2013;347:f6627 (Published 12 December 2013)

Were James Bond’s drinks shaken because of alcohol induced tremor?

BMJ 2013;347:f7255 (Published 12 December 2013)

Laughter and MIRTH (Methodical Investigation of Risibility, Therapeutic and Harmful): narrative synthesis

BMJ 2013;347:f7274 (Published 12 December 2013)

Morphology and size of stem cells from mouse and whale: observational study

BMJ 2013;347:f6833 (Published 12 December 2013)

Duration of symptoms of respiratory tract infections in children: systematic review

BMJ 2013;347:f7027 (Published 11 December 2013)

Red flags to screen for malignancy and fracture in patients with low back pain: systematic review

BMJ 2013;347:f7095 (Published 11 December 2013)

Evaluation of pre-hospital administration of adrenaline (epinephrine) by emergency medical services for patients with out of hospital cardiac arrest in Japan: controlled propensity matched retrospective cohort study

BMJ 2013;347:f6829 (Published 10 December 2013)

Role of diuretics, β blockers, and statins in increasing the risk of diabetes in patients with impaired glucose tolerance: reanalysis of data from the NAVIGATOR study

BMJ 2013;347:f6745 (Published 9 December 2013)

The burden of air pollution on years of life lost in Beijing, China, 2004-08: retrospective regression analysis of daily deaths

BMJ 2013;347:f7139 (Published 9 December 2013)


A fifth of Dutch support assisted suicide for people “tired of living”

BMJ 2013;347:f7483 (Published 13 December 2013)

Uruguay legalises sale and production of marijuana

BMJ 2013;347:f7499 (Published 13 December 2013)

Broad approach is needed to reduce gun violence, US psychologists say

BMJ 2013;347:f7497 (Published 13 December 2013)

Individual hospital data on “never events” to be published every quarter

BMJ 2013;347:f7479 (Published 13 December 2013)

NICE urged to recommend anastrozole for breast cancer prevention

BMJ 2013;347:f7458 (Published 13 December 2013)

Slowdown in production of treated bed nets damages fight against malaria

BMJ 2013;347:f7475 (Published 12 December 2013)

US outlines plan to reduce use of antimicrobials in food production

BMJ 2013;347:f7477 (Published 12 December 2013)

A third of general practices in England’s first wave of inspections failed on essential standards

BMJ 2013;347:f7462 (Published 12 December 2013)

Local government is given help to prioritise public health schemes

BMJ 2013;347:f7469 (Published 12 December 2013)

Families are warned they can’t decide treatment for incapacitated relatives

BMJ 2013;347:f7436 (Published 12 December 2013)

More doctors are raising concerns with GMC about colleagues, MPs hear

BMJ 2013;347:f7457 (Published 11 December 2013)

Surgeon is suspended because of concerns over eight “avoidable” deaths

BMJ 2013;347:f7461 (Published 11 December 2013)

In brief

BMJ 2013;347:f7424 (Published 11 December 2013)

Ketamine should be upgraded from class C to class B drug, committee says

BMJ 2013;347:f7439 (Published 11 December 2013)

Hospital trusts will have to cut activity when integration fund comes into effect, meeting is told

BMJ 2013;347:f7434 (Published 10 December 2013)

Regulatory authority reviews GMC decisions in Mid Staffordshire cases

BMJ 2013;347:f7397 (Published 10 December 2013)

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Rosiglitazone: a case of regulatory hubris

Steven E Nissen

BMJ 2013;347:f7428 (Published 11 December 2013)

Parveen Kumar: Pet hate is arrogance

BMJ 2013;347:f7367 (Published 11 December 2013)


Clinical Review

Tick bite prevention and tick removal

BMJ 2013;347:f7123 (Published 9 December 2013)


ABC of Breast Diseases, 4th Edition: Mastalgia

BMJ 2013;347:f3288 (Published 13 December 2013)

10-Minute Consultation: Tremor

BMJ 2013;347:f7200 (Published 12 December 2013)

Guidelines: Intravenous fluid therapy for adults in hospital: summary of NICE guidance

BMJ 2013;347:f7073 (Published 10 December 2013)

ABC of Pain: Treating Pain in Patients with Drug-dependence Problems

BMJ 2013;347:f3213 (Published 9 December 2013)

Views & Reviews

The Science hoax: poor journalology reflects poor training in peer review

Rajeev Kumar

BMJ 2013;347:f7465 (Published 13 December 2013)

What is the point of doctors?

Des Spence

BMJ 2013;347:f7380 (Published 10 December 2013)

A fat chance of slimming

Robin Ferner

BMJ 2013;347:f7389 (Published 10 December 2013)



BMJ 2013;347:f7481 (Published 13 December 2013)


BMJ 2013;347:f7301 (Published 11 December 2013)


BMJ 2013;347:f7310 (Published 11 December 2013)

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Feature - continued

How big is the US healthcare lobby?

BMJ 2013;347:f7366 (Published 12 December 2013)

Tied up in science: unknotting an old anaesthetic problem

BMJ 2013;347:f6735 (Published 11 December 2013)

A unified model of patient safety (or “Who froze my cheese?”)

BMJ 2013;347:f7273 (Published 11 December 2013)

Welcome to the most exclusive club in the NHS

BMJ 2013;347:f7318 (Published 11 December 2013)

Syria: a healthcare system on the brink of collapse

BMJ 2013;347:f7375 (Published 10 December 2013)

Who cares for the nine million displaced people of Syria?

BMJ 2013;347:f7374 (Published 10 December 2013)

Michael Kidd on primary care’s global challenge

BMJ 2013;347:f7239 (Published 9 December 2013)

Research Methods & Reporting


Die another day

BMJ 2013;347:f6973 (Published 12 December 2013)


Bakhtawar Shah Khattak

BMJ 2013;347:f6891 (Published 12 December 2013)

Albert Edward Thompson

BMJ 2013;347:f7453 (Published 11 December 2013)

Arthur Maxwell House

BMJ 2013;347:f7188 (Published 10 December 2013)

David Hubel

BMJ 2013;347:f7114 (Published 9 December 2013)

Michael James Vendy Bull

BMJ 2013;347:f7265 (Published 9 December 2013)

Agnes Kirkland Conn

BMJ 2013;347:f7263 (Published 9 December 2013)

Antony Frank Francis

BMJ 2013;347:f7262 (Published 9 December 2013)

Isobel Quita Barber

BMJ 2013;347:f7266 (Published 9 December 2013)

Ronald McDonald Clark

BMJ 2013;347:f7264 (Published 9 December 2013)

Ronald Griffiths

BMJ 2013;347:f6992 (Published 9 December 2013)

Shantilal Raghavji Kanani

BMJ 2013;347:f7258 (Published 9 December 2013)


Red flags for back pain

BMJ 2013;347:f7432 (Published 12 December 2013)

Adrenaline for out of hospital cardiac arrest?

BMJ 2013;347:f7268 (Published 10 December 2013)

Sodium in drugs and hypertension

BMJ 2013;347:f7321 (Published 10 December 2013)