To become a reviewer for The BMJ

We need a constant supply of new peer reviewers. Might you be one? If you would like to volunteer, please register at our online editorial office. This process will automatically add your name and contact details to our database of reviewers, and will then return you to the editorial office’s homepage. Please go then to the reviewer area on that page and click on “Edit expertise terms” to tell us your areas of interest. This will let us know which types of article you would like to review.

To see what we ask of reviewers please read our guidance for peer reviewers.

The BMJ has a system of open peer review. This means that reviewers have to sign their reports, saying briefly who they are and where they work, and have to declare to the editors any competing interests that might relate to articles we have asked them to review. Open peer review does not mean, however, that authors should feel able to contact reviewers directly to discuss their reports; all queries should still be directed through the editorial office.

We are constantly trying to find ways of improving our peer review system and have an ongoing programme of editorial research. For example, The BMJ's editors and researchers have conducted randomised controlled trials on open peer review and on peer review training. We hope that The BMJ's reviewers will also be committed to improving peer review. If you would like to opt out of involvement in such research please let us know by emailing as soon as possible.