Third parties: Permission to reuse

Any one other than the author of a particular paper who wants to reproduce an article from The BMJ needs to ask our permission. We are usually happy to give permission, although in many cases we will charge a fee.

Permission should be sought by following the request permissions link that appears on every article, or under its entry in a table of contents. This will take you to the Rightslink electronic request system.

Details about reprints can be obtained at

Permissions for authors

See also our policy on copyright

Authors may use their own articles for the following non-commercial purposes without asking our permission (and subject only to acknowledging first publication in The BMJ and giving a full reference or web link, as appropriate).

  • Posting a pdf of their own article on their own personal or institutional website for which no charge for access is made;
  • Making a reasonable number of copies for personal or non commercial professional use. This includes the contributor’s own teaching purposes;
  • Republishing part or all of the article in a book or other publication edited by the author (except for multiple contributions in the same book or publication, for which permission needs to be sought;
  • Using individual figures or tables or extracts of text (up to 250 words) in other publications published by a third party; or
  • Using the article in a course pack or compilation (whether paper or electronic) in the authors’ institution. This does not apply if a commercial charge is made for the compilation or training programme.

On orders that we receive up to five years after publication for a single article reprint or translation sale that exceed £1500 in value, we will pay authors a royalty of 10% of net receipts less sales any commission, which will be paid to the corresponding author for distribution as agreed between the authors.