Jane Parry

Jane Parry is a Hong Kong-based medical, public health and financial journalist. She regularly writes for BMJ and the WHO Bulletin. She is director of Parry, Frow and Associates Ltd, a Hong Kong-registered company under which she provides medical and public health editorial services. She provides or has provided paid editorial copy, web content and media consulting for other medical- and health-related publications, information providers and organizations, including Healthday (online news briefing for physicians), AIDSTAR-One (HIV prevention information), The Scientist (life science articles), UNAIDS, the World Health Organization and local news outlets in Hong Kong such as the South China Morning Post and others. She also writes about business, finance and other topics unrelated to the medical field. In December 2011 she graduated with a masters in Public Health from the School of Public Health, Li Ka Shing Faculty of Medicine, University of Hong Kong. She has no stock options or shares in any pharmaceutical or healthcare companies.