Rebecca Burch

Competing interests

I declare that that I have read and understood the BMJ Group policy on declarations of interest. I hereby declare the following interests, according to the policy.

© I have the following interests to declare:


- I am employed by Brigham and Women’s Hospital as a salaried physician.
- My husband works for MeYouHealth, which develops online platforms to promote physical activity and wellness. He also has stock in the parent company, HealthWays, as part of his compensation.
- I receive honoraria up to $1500 for speaking at CME courses or conferences, regarding headache medicine. Travel including airfare and hotel rooms is sometimes included. I have never given a talk supported by a pharmaceutical or device company.


Unpaid positions (current)
I am on the guidelines committee for the American Headache Society, but have not yet participated in any meetings or activities. I would anticipate starting that work in the next year (2016).