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The BMJ and JAMA have collaborated on an important video resource about the history of evidence based medicine. Presented by former BMJ editor Richard Smith, the short film series includes interviews with early champions of evidence based medicine - Muir Gray, Iain Chalmers, and David Sackett. This page not only includes these videos but also provides various links to key papers and multimedia about evidence based medicine. There are more videos on a similar page on the JAMA Network website. Find more BMJ articles on evidence based practice here.


Iain Chalmers and Muir Gray discuss why evidence based medicine is so important to them. They also describe how the UK Cochrane Centre became the Cochrane Collaboration, and why the organisation's ethos embodies the core tenets of EBM.

David Sackett describes how his early career choices led him to become one of the instigators of evidence based medicine.

David Sackett is known for giving up a subject when he becomes an "expert." Here he explains why he thinks evidence based medicine and expert based medicine are incompatible.



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